just a day

It is the day you realize best friends grow apart, and lovers tend to lie,
Your body craves what your heart cannot find, so the lust will come and go,
And there will always be friends of convenience—friends better left as strangers.
(So your travel the worlds to find those your soul connects with,
After all, isn’t that the point of discovering the pleasure and pains of the heart?)

It is the day you realize those who loved and raised you are only human,
That they too are but fragile, imperfect persons, who make mistakes,
Who love wrongly and act with injustice and spite,
(But they have loved and raised you into the person you became, after all.
Humans are bound by original sin, so who among us can cast the first stone?)

It is the day you realize you are one person in a long line of billions,
But you are no worse than the one whose back you face,
Nor better than those at your back,
(Though the line is long, those are only the two you know,
So who are you to say whose predicament is better or worse?)

It is a day like any other, yet the realizations come in the dozens,
And you watch the story unfold with details you had been blind to see,
So the sleeplessness you’ve found yourself eternally stuck in begins,
(You hear the words you once spoke, see what you had once been so proud to do,
All for a moment of self-pride and acceptance, and wonder was it all really worth it?)

It is the day you realize you have realized these things a little too late,
And the life you were desperate to live has passed quietly by,
Now at a cross roads, you are left with a choice to decide which lesson to learn from.
(But learning from your mistakes was never a strong point,
And you know your punishment will be reflective of the monster you kept hidden.)

(It is the day you know you can never turn back from, doomed to repeat,
And from strong and steady to broken and begotten,
You know it is time to atone for the recklessness that is yours to claim,
Left bound by the choices you made. The day, you realize, had always been a choice,
But it is what you decided to do with time the day had given that defined you.
So your eternity is set, your choices lined up for you to replay,
And you will spend forever knowing just what day it was.)


One thought on “just a day

  1. darkanddominant says:

    Reflective and slightly haunting. I really like this and enjoy how each new line explored a new thought, a new regret, whether it was a lover or about parents or about the fact that even in adult, you still learn.

    So it’s interesting because this piece feels very much about adulthood. I remember looking back and thinking like things get easier as an adult, and they do, life is what you make it, but also you never get your shit together. There’s always something new to learn and lessons to be taught. You start to look at your parents and understand why they acted in their own twenties – and the fog is lifted.

    Your piece made me think about all this and more.

    Liked by 1 person

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