my dear ghost…

Hello, my ghost, how long has it been?
I thought I had moved on from your grave,
Yet here you are, haunting me in my finest hour.
To each who behold you, you are demon of a forgotten past,
A scorned lover that refuses to leave the bed,
But this time, you return as a lost friend, a stranger buried in memories.
And for that I could never elude you.

We reminisce over a drink, share laughter as though we still find joy in the past,
And the night passes as any other.
So when the morning comes, and I look over to you, regret sitting at the surface,
I find myself wondering when the day will come when I no longer crawl back to you,
And when the rising sun will bring peace to a restless sinner.

Hello, my spirit, it has been far too long,
I fear that your presence here as outstayed the welcome my bed once held for you,
Because no mater how I strained to reach for your hand,
I grasp nothing but air.
And if you asked me how many nights it took to exorcise you, my answer would be, How could you remove a piece of you that you didn’t know you could live without?

My dear ghost, it is time we say goodbye,
Though the shadow over my shoulder will always remind me of our time,
My descent is mine alone,
So down we fall, covered in the dust and ash of an open grave,
And I will be the only soul to remain at the bottom, to roam the grounds,
Trapped in your past and left to discover a solemn future.


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