Tempting The Sun Across the Night Sky

The blood you’ve drawn is hotter than any love you could give,
For the fire that burns in you is quick to set aflame those who you touch,
Ready to swallow promises that sit on the tip of your tongue.
Those who’ve known your touch never stay for long,
Sensing the embers within your soul,
Their bodies too heated to last under the rising temperature.
So I tread lightly, for I have been burned once before,
The sun is always more tempting from across the night sky.

So with your smoldering eyes and sharp tongue,
I let you take sin and me to your bed, made of satin and cotton.
As the moon rises, lighting my body with faded white light,
Your mouth makes pictures on my skin,
The red left behind is nothing but a memory of a fleeting touch,
And the embers you give off become nothing more than a candle in the wind.

Our union is nothing short of a good time,
Falling under the sheets and in between my breasts,
So I ride out what is left of my dignity,
And let you shove my face into the pillows, my hips rising to meet yours.
I scream as you move roughly, never pausing to let me adjust,
You shake as I bite the space between your chest and neck.
And we continue this game for some time,
Knowing that once we passed GO, the game is over,
Collecting our time spent would be too much for both of us to give.

Over the table, through the door, there is no ground that we have not consummated,
Yet the feeling behind it gives as much as we take.
And my heart knows that there will be no coming back from a mistake like this,
While yours is too wrapped up in an orgasm, never breathing the space between.
I move away from your fire, and give myself to the ashes.
And you, too caught up in the feeling, cannot know your own fire is your demise.
So I let you be consumed by the trusted feeling of pride and arrogance,
Falling to my knees and taking you into my mouth,
As I smother the remains of a fire too bright to burn much longer.
When you have come down and the smoke has cleared,
You glance at me, astonished that I could hold a power so close to your own.
But I wipe my mouth of any trace of you and rise to my feet,
For any fire to meet my touch would always melt away,
Evaporating into smoke and ash, long to be forgotten by the wind and sky.
While sex had become your safe haven, your heated touch gracing untouched skin,
The fire extinguished those who wandered to close; I held my breath and blew,
Knowing your candle would never hold to my lips so close to the dawn,
For the rising sun only holds power over the fading twilight when the dawn has finally broke.


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