Laced with Toxins and Grapes

The wine pours into the glass, the red bleeding into the crystal.
She watches and waits for the signs—a wink, a nod, the small smile,
Anything to get her heart racing and blood rushing.
She’s more open, honest, when her words are laced with toxins and grapes,
Lying with empathetic promises and false passion.
So she waits to see the reaction of the lover she’s faced with,
High on the feeling of power only sex can bring.
His lips tighten and fold, ready to explore what’s underneath.
And her body unfolds in his heated gaze,
Eager to pose, and show off the right parts of her soul.

So the wine plays tricks on her heart,
And his eyes fall shut as she moans her thoughts,
Their bodies move in sync with the beat of flesh on flesh,
Fighting each other until the sun rise glares through the window,
She struggles to find semblance at the bottom of her panties,
While he rushes her out of the bedroom and onto the couch for one more go,
As the morning light fades from the curtains, so does their love,
Until dusk falls back into place, and they pick up where they left off.
Fucking with a forbidden lust and a nameless emotion.

He is whisked away from her by the beautiful lie he lives,
Though she wishes she could drown on his fingers alone,
There are always oceans between the two,
And she is left stranded on the beaches of a forgotten past time.
Yet, she finds herself lying on the sand, basking at the waters edge,
Waiting for the boy who she thought was as drawn to her as the moon to the tide,
Searching for the attraction that will pull her shores to the brink and back.

The wine turns her on more than it should,
And she relishes in the feeling of being slightly out of control,
Left on the beach, covering herself in the waters and sands,
She runs her hands through her sea tossed hair and down her sun kissed body,
Eager for what he will bring to the moonlit shores,
And what he promises brings the most delicious rewards,
Lathered in wishful intoxication and the suns poison.

So she waits for his fateful touch, sighing in relief when he appears,
She falls apart at the faintest of kisses and sinful brushes.
Gazing into the stars she put in his eyes,
Though the moons shining onto her body dulls its effect.
So when the sun rises, and the moment passes,
They go into the waters to wash away the remainder of their love,
And return, to the lovers they each left sleeping in their separate reality.


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