The Theory of a Setting Sun,the Philosophy of a Lost love

There is place for the broken minds and shattered hearts,
Deep within the woods, on a path filled with moonlight and stars,
Those who venture there have listened long to the call of the sirens,
The song luring them in with the promise of a cure,
For the hearts torn on the philosophy of a love lost.
And the minds of the broken souls,
Still worn of the sleeves of the young and helpless,
And in the forests they find comfort only the night can provide,
Trapping them with the gaze of the stars and a branch around their neck.
So if you must venture into the woods, be sure there is nothing left to loose,
For the night is only as kind in the theory of the setting sun,
As red as the blood lost to the promise built from a beautiful lie,
Bringing a cruel dawn to the edge of the forests domain.

It is only when the cage is open and the key lost to time that the damage it done
Just beneath the skin, the secret leaks out,
And fall into ears too innocent to understand their severity.
So be careful whom you responded to in the midnight hour,
For the creatures always call out into the night, so loud it’s deafening,
Only to hear the silence of their victims who no longer have the power to speak.
But in the silence you will hear the cries of those forgotten by love,
Waiting for the time when they will hear the sirens, and
See the silver glazing the waters edge, preparing to fall in the depth,
Holding on to the very gasp of air as they let her hands pull them deeper.

So when their senses regain and the forest is filled once more,
They venture from its confinement ready to build upon it a new city.
Taking the broken and weak to form a new idea of love,
Ready to take it from the safe and unsuspecting,
But deep in the woods, there are those still trapped,
Swinging from the branch that refuses to loosen the noose.
And they watch the sun rise again and again,
Thinking the red dawn will bring about a new feeling, too afraid to feel anything.
Watching the stars rise and fall, likening them to the broken hearts and tragic tales,
Never knowing that the stars rise from their broken hearts,
And the sun feeds off their desperation for a new feeling.
So when what you want isn’t want you need, and the feeling of nothing sinks in,
The sun and moon with crash into their temptations and take with them the world,
The forest will burn the minds of the broken and the waters will swallow the sirens.
And the space for the broken hearts and shattered minds will be forgotten,
Leaving in its place a seductive lure for the nomadic minds, and
A cautionary tale for those still enthralled by the sun and moon.
But from the ashes, the forest will rise once again,
Ready to capture the ones listening to the calls of those who scream into the night.


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