Shattered Galaxies

We were on top of the world before the sun fell from the sky.
And with only the moon to guide us, we stumbled into the dark
Capturing the stars and their faded glory,
And they burn for a love that will never be theirs,
Seeing as the moon would never be able to hold the sun.

So when the stars have finally crossed their lovers,
Only to be lost in the night sky, falling in stride with the moon and her affair.
So when the sun and moon consummate their love, the stars will burst
And the space they reside with be filed with the light of an all consuming love,
If only for a moment, until the world fades to chaos,
For a love so powerful is not meant to last long,
And it will burn with beauty that can only end in tragedy.
Out of the beautiful tragedy came you,
Covered in the faded light and honey wine,
Left to pick up the pieces of the broken affair.
And so we began our own story in time, waiting for the stars to realign and steady.
As the sun rebuilt the world we thought we lost,
You came to me with stars in your eyes and the space to create.
Imprisoning me in the orbit of your sweet words and blinding passion.

As we sway under the pressure of the gravity and simplicity,
The wine on your tongue intoxicates mine.
These mingled words lace my heart with a toxic love,
Your kisses are like the galaxies, waiting to burst,
Swallowing the sun and moon, leaving me to seeing the stars as they are.
Your touch leaves bruises that dance and shine like night,
Leaving pieces of your universe embedded along my skin.
So wake me up when we can’t sing the lyrics anymore,
And all we’re left with are abrasions of love from last night.
When I woke, I finally knew how the moon felt,
To have the sun just within her grasp, but the cycle begins again,
And our love fell like the shattered galaxies left by those before us.


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