A Promise Built Upon A False Sunrise

I resent the night, knowing she is a force of nature,
One the gods fear and man would crumble beneath,
Just for the blessing of a new dawn,
Of a promise built once upon a false sunrise.
I look to those around me,
Waiting to be blessed by the murky waters and the promises of a false God,
And know that we await the same fate
Watching as the sun fades into the sky, and the earth grows dark.
As mud dulls the moon, reflected in the shadows on the water,
There are no stars to be found on a night like this,
Guided by the darkness, it is no wonder many of us fall astray.

When you appear, you look like a lover of my youth,
Shrouded in sex and hope and a thrill of danger.
And I breathe in the sigh that fall from my lips.
I will ask you for a patience I can no longer give,
And I hope to drown in forgiveness only you can grant.
But you cannot give either, and let you fingers roam my body.
I try to think, to form a sense of thought,
But the embers have ignited my core, and all I can think of is you.
Your touch, your lips and the things you might do to me hidden in the darkness.
And the people stare, yet I yield into your lust, driven by pure need alone.
I cannot explain why I come to you each night after, but you know the answer.
For my body speaks what my mind is unable to.

Between Heaven and Hell, I can no longer tell the difference between the two.
For why would a god create something so sinful in ecstasy?
But the gods have a cruel sense of humor,
And I play into their hands as easily as I fall into your bed.
So while we fall into a wicked habit that others around begin to feed into,
I grow arrogant and powerful, fueled by the need, the seductiveness.
As our corrupt love takes hold, I fall fast and hard.
Knowing that your sin would be too powerful for grace alone,
I sacrifice more than I should, and give away my heart,
In the hopes you will grow to love an emotion blessed by the gods.
But you grow tired of my fondness and devotion.
And the congregation develops a need for a new immoral thrill.
So I find myself right back a the edge of that powerful force,
Unaware that I have fallen to the thing I once resented.
She has your love, your loyalty, and your dependence.
Where I have the memory of a night filled with lustful abandonment.
And perhaps this is where I begin to kneel at the muddy waters,
Praying to a false god who whispered promise a new dawn,
Only to be trapped in your never-ending twilight.


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