Your Heart Clasped In Her Hands

Stolen glances that lead to secret moments and hidden love,
As I hold onto my fantasy of what could have been.
Because though I have always been yours, you were never mine,
At least not in the ways I needed.
And you gaze at her with a clarity I could never give,
And an innocence that life hasn’t corrupted yet

But, in time, we could have been great, yet She is cruel.
Trapping us in a state of mind clouded by societies standards.
I wish we could be the couple that laughs together, drinking sparkling wine,
Looking back at the lives we used to live, but that could never be,
For you are sweet as wine, placed next to my intoxicating poison.
I want to call you mine, hold your hand, and let the world know my feelings for you,
Yet would you be willing to claim me after you come to know me.
She is everything you need, fresh and lovely with a sweet heart to match,
And I watch as you fall in love with the idea.

So I steal pieces of your heart and refuse to give them back,
Because while I have always been yours,
You can still be mine, if given time. But I know how fickle She can be.
And time is never kind to those who waste it,
So, my love, I watch you run away, you heart clasped in Her hands,
Falling in love with a better version of myself, though she is nothing like me.
And for that I am glad. Because the Sun and Moon live together, just shy,
To never collide, for the world is not ready to be eclipsed in time.


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