Paradise Is Lovely This Time of Year

Paradise is lovely this time of year, or so I’ve heard,
Filled with love and perfection, who can ask for anything else?
So I sit here and work on my tan, because there aren’t any imperfections in Paradise.

Creatures fall and emerge, helpless to the call of beauty
I watch through blurred eyes, and
God it feels good to find answers to the questions I can’t ask
Because grace is only bestowed to those worthy.
But there is something beautiful about my flaws,
So I capture them in a bottle to save for later.

I sit in this canopy, staring at the clouds above
Trapped in this birdcage I call home,
I built it myself to keep the crows out.
They try to break in, but the clouds stop them, whose freedom reigns and mocks me.
In another life I could have touched the clouds, let them dance between my fingers.

I find you just outside the garden
Falling in and out of the shadows of curiosity
Your parasitic touch never far behind,
As you slither towards my sanctuary
And hiss words that make me blush.
I ask you things that would make a sinner burn
And a saint flush with shame,
But you take my innocence in stride, knowing just what can corrupt me.

With you the trees come to life, offering their love,
So I inhale the magic, and let it’s hallucinations move me.
And you say you’ll finish the story, once I hit the bottom of my glass,
So down goes the burning liquid, its poison running straight to my head,
As the story move towards my heart, shifting my perspective.
(Your temptations seduce my naïve heart.)

Paradise is lovely this time of year, but you don’t let me care what others think,
So with you I venture into foreign territory
Unafraid of what may come as you tell me you will make everything better,
But as soon as I cross the gate, you vanish
Far from sight and further from my head.

And now I am left alone in this barren war-zone,
When grace was a place I longed to find, her hope as my anchor.
And Faith was heaven I built, within Earthly reason.
Both no longer belong to a sinner like me,
Whose disbelief shattered the paradise I once dwelled in.
So now my prayers fall onto deaf ears, as I beg on my knees,
For God no longer listens to my pleas nor does he care for a banished soul like me,
And the Paradise I once resided in is now a Paradise lost to me.


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